Wednesday, July 3

Pic du Midi climb with new crew members. We are awaiting nightfall perched at an altitude of more than 2500m. The coolness of the twilight and the light breeze announce a fluid and clear sky. Between earth and sky, Stellina is prepared, ready to lead us to a new celestial destination. Just what are we going to discover tonight?


Date: 03/07/19
Location: Pic du Midi, Pyrénées, France
Author: Vaonis


Saturday, June 8

Cherry clouds in the dark. Let’s look closer: we can see stalagmites rising from inside. Like we’re in a cave dug into the universe. Now we see why they call it the Pillars of Creation…

Object: M16 Eagle nebula
Date: 08/06/19
Stacked images: 168x10s
Total exposure time: 28min
Software version:
Author: Vaonis


Saturday, May 18

At first, we thought that someone had thrown a snowball on our lens. But is was not melting. The smear becoame crispier. ready to bang in the universe.

Object: NGC 5139 Omega Centauri
Date: 18/05/19
Stacked images: 44x10s
Total exposure time: 7min
Software version:
Author: Vaonis


Wednesday, February 13

Burnt umber, electric greens, and lemon glacier. In the winter sky, Eric witnessed a whirlwind of color. The Orion nebula cradling new-born stars.


Object: M42 Orion Nebula
Date: 13/02/19
Stacked photos: 96x10s
Total exposure time: 16min
Location: Belfort, France (from a flat balcony in a light polluted area)
Software version:
Author: Eric Z.


Thursday, November 15

How old is this dazzling stone grey sphere?
Can you tell by counting its spots, like a ladybug?
We’ll get closer to find out.

Object: Moon
Date: 15/11/18
Images stacked: 1 (live image)
Total exposure time: n/a
Location: France
Software version:
Author: Vaonis