Gitzo Grease For Tripod x2


• Set of 2 tubes of lubricant for Gitzo Systematic High and Short Tripods.
• Protects metal surfaces from wear and tear over time.
• Helps to maintain locking performance.
• Non-sticky, does not attract dust, sand or dirt.

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The set of 2 tubes of Gitzo tripod grease is a tripod accessory that helps maintain the fluidity of your stand over time. Gitzo section locking systems are designed to last and always offer the best possible performance. To maintain these components in perfect condition, it is recommended to use a suitable grease each time you clean your tripod. Gitzo has created a specific product that guarantees smooth operation and protects metal surfaces from wear and tear over time. This product has been developed to prevent sticking and attracting dust, sand or other dirt that may impact the life of the locking system.

This grease is available in a set of two small tubes. Each tube contains the quantity necessary for the proper maintenance of a 4-section tripod. It is recommended to use a small amount of grease for each cleaning as using too much product can lead to the opposite of the desired effect and attract dust, which would reduce locking performance.

• Weight: 15g

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