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Vespera II Pack - Vaonis
Our online buy steroids store specializes in delivering steroids across the US.

Vespera II Pack


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What’s in the box:

  • Vespera II smart telescope
  • Vespera Standard Tripod

Adapter and USB-C cable not included.

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Vespera II is THE observation station, the perfect combination of telescope and camera. Smart and fully automated, the wonders of the Universe are now accessible to all with ease. Explore and observe the night sky, take your own photos of celestial objects, learn about the Cosmos, and share your discoveries in one place.

Have you ever wanted to catch the stars? This observation stations allow you to photograph the Cosmos at the touch of a button. Vespera integrates the technology allowing you to observe and shoot deep-sky objects effortlessly. You can now immortalize galaxies, nebulae, clusters and much more.

Vespera’s companion app offers educational content making the experience of observation more interactive and exciting. You can now discover the many secrets and stories that make the Universe so fascinating.

Vespera II redesigns the experience of observation. Watching the stars through our mobile app allows you to fly accross the vastness of the Universe all together with your friends or family. Connect up to 5 mobile devices to your station with the multi-user mode, then share your discoveries in Ultra-HD on social networks. You can now share your passion with everyone.

Make visible what’s invible to our eyes with Vespera’s image live stacking technology. Super easy to use, just set up the tripod using the adjustable legs, and press the button. Let Vespera come to life and calibrate itself through your devices’ GPS and Star Field Recognition technology. Using the app, select the object you want to observe, and Vespera will point and track it.

Auto-initialization: Vespera uses your mobile’s GPS, star pattern recognition and astrometry to calibrate itself. Set up your device and get it ready automatically in less than 5 minutes.

Auto-alignment: The observation station embarks Go-To technology. Select a target in the app or enter any celestial coordinates, it will move and point to them automatically.

Auto-tracking: Driven by a motor and controlled by an embedded computer, Vespera automatically tracks your stellar object, compensating Earth’s rotation.

Auto-focus: Vaonis products are the only telescopes on the market to incorporate autofocus. No longer any need for manual intervention to ensure the sharpness of your photos.

Quadruplet Apochromatic Refractor: Vaonis has designed a unique quadruplet lens of 50mm, formed by 2 groups of 2 lenses made with lanthanum glass. Vespera optics is one of the most accurate and powerful optical designs on the market with minimal distorsion, chromatic aberration or astigmatism.

High sensitivity Sony sensor: Vespera uses one the lastest Sony sensors developed for extreme low light. Its back-illuminated CMOS sensor offers a 1/2.8 format and a 2.9um pixel size. Vaonis also developed their own electronic card to make sure that heat management stays optimal. A hot sensor means a lot of defects, so the sensor board is designed to dissipate the maximum amount of heat.

Singularity App: Your guide to reach the stars. Singularity is your control room, the place where you decide everything. Very intuitive and user friendly, you can easily access any stellar object of our catalog. You will get personalized recommendations on what to observe according to your geolocation and the astronomical calendar, and notes about the secrets of the Cosmos. Singularity guides you each step of the way on your journey to reach the stars.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg


Net weight

5 kg (11 lbs)

Size (closed)

40 x 20 x 9 cm

Size (open)

48 x 20 x 9 cm


50 mm

Focal ratio


Lens type

Apochromatic quadruplet

Lens feature

Extra low dispersion S-FPL52 equivalent (ULD) with lanthanum glass

Image formats

Jpg; Tiff; Fits (16-bit raw images)

Operating temperature range

0-40° Celcius

Built-in filters


Optional Filters

Light pollution, Dual Band, Solar

Humidity sensor




Water resistance


Cable and adapter


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Our online buy steroids store specializes in delivering steroids across the US.