Astrophotography with
Vaonis smart telescopes.

Astrophotography without the hassle.
Encouraging results right from the start.

Stargazing with Vespera

Astrophotography with classical telescope rigs is a very challenging hobby. It requires extensive knowledge and significant investment of time and effort before getting decent results. You have to deal with cumbersome set-ups, a steep learning curve and many technical issues.

This time is over.

By designing all-in-one telescopes that integrate advanced technologies, Vaonis has streamlined the astrophotography process by automating all the tedious procedures. Now you can get great images right from the start and progress faster. It's time for fun and creativity!

Reveal the potential of your images.

Andromeda Galaxy
live observation.

Andromeda Galaxy
processed image

What makes Vaonis smart telescopes
great for astrophotography?

High definition images.

With high definition sensors and the live panorama mode, get images up to 32 Mpx*. No other smart telescope come even close to this.

Automatic tracking.

Never worry about complex auto-guiding systems again. Vespera and Stellina automatically perform plate solving to ensure accurate tracking.

Live Stacking.

Skip the tedious manual stacking stage. Vespera and Stellina automatically reject bad images and stack the good ones to provide a ready-to-post processed image.

Panorama mode
with dithering.

Expand the field of view of the smart telescope up to twice the native one. It comes with auto- dithering to cancel out hot pixels and fix pattern noise.

Live auto-focus.

Get consistently sharp stars even when temperature changes. Vaonis instruments are the only ones equipped with a engine ensuring automatic focusing even during observation.

RAW files for manual processing.

Save individual sub images in FITS format to run your own manual stacking or operate the 16 bits uncompresed alredy-stacked TIFF file.

Calibration frames.

With Expert mode, capture dark frames to perform custom manual processing. You can even create darks library you will be able to re-use

Camera manual

Manually set time exposure and sensor gain to get the best results according to your observation conditions.

Observations programming.

Enjoy captures all night long. Plan a serie of observations and let your Vaonis telescope run them for you. Wake up in the moring with fresh new images.

* up to 8 Mpx with Vespera, 32 Mpx with Vespera Pro, 6 Mpx with Stellina.

Become the artist : take the control with image processing.

Vaonis smart telescopes perform automatic image processing for live observation. Yet, when it comes to astrophotography, you'll want to perform your own processing with your favorite tools to reveal the quintescence of each image and tailor it to your taste.

Vaonis RAW image files are compatible with :

Deep Sky Stacker
Astro Pixel Processor
Affinity Photo

and more.

Join the community,
upgrade your skills.

Learn the best image processing tips and tricks, share your creations, get feedback and progress faster by joining our caring and active community of thousand users around the world.


The first smart telescopes that let you choose your framing to get the perfect astrophotography.

Being at the forefront of smart telescopes innovation, Vaonis introduced the first ever live panorama capture on smart telescopes : CovalENS.

Not only you can expand the native field of view of your instrulment to capture wide field astrophotography, but you can also precisely define the framing of your target, including rotation.

You no longer depend on camera orientation, object position in the sky or mount type. Do not just make an astrophotography but a masterpiece. Become a universe artist and create art out of stardust.

Reach the purest skies for even better images thanks to Vaonis smart telescope portability.

Speaking of astrophotography, better skies generally imply better results. Don't stay stuck under poor skies with a cumbsersome classical astrophotography rig. Compact and lightweight, Vespera and Stellina can easily accompany you on all your adventures and your conquests of unspoilt skies. If you've ever dreamed of capturing the wonders of the southern sky, now's your chance.

Dual band filter

Explore the narrow band astrophotography world.

With our dual band filter, emissive nebulae reveal themself with better contrast. Light pollution is also completly canceled and stars are less prominant.

Vespera automatically detects the filter to adapt and optimize the capture settings.

Get the Hubble Space Telescope image style.

Capturing emissive nebulae with the dual band filter highlights the Hydrogen Alpha and Oxygen III regions. By performing an image processing with custom color mapping, you can visualize the distribution of these gases in the nebula's structure. - The Rosette Nebula / Vespera -

Choose your astrophotography station.


Aperture 50 mm. F/D 4

HD sensor (2 Mpx). Up to 8 Mpx with live panorama mode.

10 GB internal storage

Auto tracking, autostacking, camera manual setting


Vespera Pro

Aperture 50 mm. F/D 5

12,5 Mpx sensor. Up to 32 Mpx with live panorama mode

225 GB internal storage

Auto tracking, autostacking, camera manual setting. Expert mode for calibration frames

Vespera Pro

Behind the scenes.

The story behing the creation of the 53 Mpx Rho Ophiuchi image.

Read the story

Follow the Space odyssey

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Contact our customer service on
+1 (646) 956-5933 (US)
+33 4 84 98 00 21 (EU)
WhatsApp +33 6 70 34 09 03 (WW)

Monday to Friday
9am-6pm CET