The first-ever live panorama mode embedded in a telescope.

Expand your
field of view.

your framing.

image quality.

Bring your photos of the universe
to the next level.

Call it mosaic mode, panorama mode or field expansion, CovalENS is the first ever technology, available exclusively on Vaonis smart telescopes that let you capture images with a wider field of view than the native one of your smart telescope. Live and full automatic.

Get the big picture!

Expand the field of view of your smart telescope up to twice vertically and horizontally*. Capture the Andromeda Galaxy and the large nebulae in all their glory. It's like having a second telescope dedicated to wide field observation and photography.

* Depends on smart telescope model.

Easy and automatic.

No need to plan ahead.
No need to use third-party app or website.
No need to run complicated stitching tasks.

Thanks to Singularity, our user-friendly app that controls your smart telescope, capturing a mosaic is really straightforward. Just choose your main target, ajust the framing and orientation on the star chart and you are ready to go. Your observation station will do the rest without requiring any intervention.

Panorama mode in Singularity

Choose your framing to get the perfect astrophotography.

The orientation of objects in the image is no more dependant of the orientation of the camera, your mount type or the position of the object in the sky. You are free to choose the perfect composition for your astrophotography masterpiece.

Frame exactly what you want
route the field of view

An innovative and intelligent algorithm
that delivers the best image quality.

CovalENS benefits from a process used by experienced astrophotographers, called dithering. It dramatically improves the quality of images by cancelling out hot pixels, fixing pattern noise and more. The stacking process operates simultaneously so you end up with an image file ready for post-processing. Calibration frames are no more required.

The Orion Nebula

Captured with Vespera and CovalENS mode then manually processed, based on the pre-stacked RAW file provided by the smart telescope.

Watch it come to life!

Watch the field of view expand in real time while you are observing. You don't have to wait the end of the full process to enjoy your observation station.

Image Gallery

Browse the images captured by our users with Vespera and Stellina using CovalENS.

Horsehead Nebula

Learn more

Read an in-depth article to learn more on how CovalENS works and how to use it.

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Contact our customer service on
+1 (646) 956-5933 (US)
+33 4 84 98 00 21 (EU)
WhatsApp +33 6 70 34 09 03 (WW)

Monday to Friday
9am-5pm CET