Dear Vaonis Community,

We are pleased to announce that Vaonis will once again be leveraging the powerful platform of Kickstarter for the introduction of our next pioneering venture in the field of astronomy technology.

Our initial Kickstarter campaigns brought you Vespera, our innovative smart and light-weight telescope that democratizes astrophotography by making it accessible to astronomy enthusiasts of all levels. This products, along with Stellina, marked the beginning of our commitment to enhancing the stargazing experience through cutting-edge technology. Now, we are eager to build upon this foundation and continue to shape the future of this captivating discipline.

Our team, comprised of skilled engineers and design experts, has been working diligently to develop our next-generation product and, while we are not willing to share the specifics of our new project yet in order to keep the momentum til D-Day, we assure you it is designed with the intent of offering an even more immersive and advanced stargazing experience: it’s part of our DNA.

The decision to return to Kickstarter is not incidental. We hold firm our belief in the invaluable role of community engagement. Kickstarter allows us to involve you—our trusted supporters and beloved customers—in the development process from the earliest stages. We value your input and commitment and want you to be part of our journey into the future of astronomical exploration.

Therefore, we invite you to join us in this ambitious endeavor. To participate in the expansion of astronomical knowledge. To further our collective understanding of the universe that surrounds us. 

We strongly encourage you to follow our social media channels and sign up for our Kickstarter newsletter.

We at Vaonis are excited to be returning to Kickstarter and we look forward to your continued support as we embark on this new chapter of astronomical advancement.

Clear skies,

The Vaonis Team