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The unimaginable has become reality. Designed for those who refuse to settle for anything less than the best, Hyperia is the world's most powerful exploration station.

This perfect combination of telescope and camera offers you a gateway to a previously inconceivable journey to the farthest reaches of the Universe.


Size open

6,9 ft

Size closed

5,6 ft


165 lbs



Just try out the power of the most advanced astronomical instrument ever developed.

With a design both stylish and rugged, being firmly anchored to the ground, Hyperia stands in a class of its own.



Hyperia is made of Zicral, an alloy used in the aerospace industry for its outstanding mechanical performance and exceptional resistance to extreme conditions.

Hyperia is equipped with Direct Drive motorization, as used in the major professional observatories. This technology allows for unmatched pointing speeds and perfect sidereal tracking, offering a level of performance that defies the test of time.

Gem of

Hyperia’s powerful frame is packed with the very best components available on the market. Simply unique, unclassifiable.


Excellent today,
better tomorrow.

Equipped with Sony's latest technological gem, the IMX455 full-frame monochrome sensor, Hyperia is not only state-of-the-art but is set to remain so forever.

Our evolutionary system means you can replace the existing sensor with the latest technology on the market. You can always remain one step ahead and benefit from the very best.

  • Full frame 24x36 Back Illuminated CMOS sensor.
  • Breath-taking 61 million pixel image definition.
  • Enhanced sensor sensitivity with 91% quantum efficiency.
  • 3.76μm pixel size.
  • Extremely low read noise of just 1.5e-.
  • Full-Well Capacity of 51ke- (200ke- in BIN2).
  • 16-bit analog-to-digital converter.
  • Hyperia 61Mpx
  • Stellina 6,4Mpx
  • Vespera 2,1Mpx
Optical system

Perfect symbiosis.

Uncompromising optical design endows the Sony sensor with the full range of its advanced capabilities. The result is the ultimate in sensor-optical symbiosis.

  • 150mm Apochromatic (Triplet) refractor.
  • Focal length 1050mm (F/D=7).
  • Field of view: 1.97° x 1.3° (F/D=7).
  • Limit magnitude: 20.
  • Theoretical separating power: 0.9arcsec.
  • Sampling: 0.7arcsec.

Out of this world.

Tarentula Nebula

Exposure time - 06h50 | SHO | 150mm f/7 | IMX455

Out of this world.

Sculptor Galaxy

Exposure time - 6h00 | LRGB | 150mm f/7 | IMX455

Out of this world.

47 Tucanae

Exposure time - 5h09 | LRGB | 150mm f/7 | IMX455

Out of this world.

Eagle Nebula

Exposure time - 8h10 | SHO | 150mm f/7 | IMX455

Out of this world.

The Great Barred Spiral Galaxy

Exposure time - 7h10 | LRGB | 150mm f/7 | IMX455

Out of this world.

NGC 300

Exposure time - 5h30 | LRGB | 150mm f/7 | IMX455

Feel the infinitely great. Photograph the Universe and get the most stunning images.

Hyperia plunges you into the very heart of the Universe, revealing all of its splendor. Marvel at the beauty of the galaxies, nebulae, star clusters or the moon, all with an incredible level of detail.

Body, Heart
and Soul.


Male name.

A plan or scheme conceived in the mind of something to be done; the preliminary conception of an idea that is to be carried into effect by action…


Feminine name.

The faculty of understanding, assimilating and adapting easily.

Vaonis stemmed from a powerful ambition to revolutionize the practice of Astronomy and shake up its codes. To achieve this, we had to follow unexplored pathways.

Shape and form define usage. All our products are developed with the utmost attention to detail, reflected in finely drawn lines. The choice of components is intimately linked to their silhouette and function. The result is an iconic design where purity has a purpose – that of elegance serving an unforgettable experience.

Body and Heart are now ready to play in harmony. All that is needed is a guiding Soul, a conductor to spirit the cosmic symphony to life.


One button,
to release the amazing.


Faultless accuracy in record time.

Hyperia's Direct Drive technology allows for almost instantaneous pointing and absolute precision tracking.

Sharp, anytime.

Hyperia is equipped with a smart autofocus, a unique technology that adapts continuously, guaranteeing perfect image sharpness at all times.

Enhanced adaptability to outdoor conditions.

Thanks to its integrated heating element and cooled camera, Hyperia remains in optimal observation conditions at all times, regardless of the outside temperature and humidity level.

Plan your evening schedule, make sweet dreams.

Choose the objects you want to photograph in advance and let Hyperia do the work overnight. You can then look back at the images you took when you awake.

OIII invisible-OIII
Ha invisible-Ha
invisible-SII SII

Reveal the invisible.

Five years of research and development have enabled us to design the most advanced autonomous image processing system in the world.

Our onboard software performs millions of operations per second to reveal the smallest details and capture the tiniest particle of light.

Capable of adapting in real-time, it analyses the images to remove any artifacts.

Just contemplate an end result of exceptional finesse.

Experience the unbelievable.


Master the power and explore the universe at your fingertips using our application.

We have designed an intuitive app that will take you to the far reaches of the cosmos with utmost ease.

Once Hyperia has been initialized, just let yourself be guided. You will receive customized recommendations as to which objects to observe according to your geolocation and the astronomical calendar, as well as educational content on the secrets of the universe.

You will be accompanied at each stage in your journey through space.

Space Center

Get full control of your journey.

The Space Center is the place from which you will start your exploration. This is where you will manage your companion and find specific information depending on your location. From this screen, you will get direct access to Vaonis enriched content, you will be able to choose between two brand new modes of observation, and much more in the future.


Take the big leap in a matter of seconds.

Once activated, launch Hyperia's initialization process. Thanks to its starfield analysis and autofocus, you can start your space exploration in less than five minutes.

Object catalog

Choose your destination.

Choose your destination among thousand of stellar objects in our regularly updated catalog.

The Pillars of Creation, the Tulip Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy - what would you like to explore next ?

Image Live Stacking

Experience the birth of a star.

It only takes a few seconds for Hyperia to deliver the first image of your destination before stacking up dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of others in real-time and so gradually reveal the details and colors of the selected object.

Whether within a few minutes or over several hours, you decide what level of detail you want to achieve in your final image. Patience is a virtue and the beauties of the Universe are to be won through merit and perseverance.

app-en-0 app-en-1 app-en-2 app-en-3

Automation that puts you in control.

  • Choose an unlisted stellar object to observe using manual pointing.
  • Control the field rotator yourself and proceed with your own framing.
  • Choose your own camera settings :

    Exposure time up to 1 hour with narrowband filters.

    Gain 0 to +36dB.

    Binning 1x1 and 2x2.

    Sensor temperature (down to -35°C from ambient).

    Dynamic crop (to allow higher speed acquisitions).

    FITS, TIFF, JPG formats,

    Calibration image capture (Dark, Offset and Flats).

    Defogging and focus adjustment.

  • Capture the full Art of the Universe, make your own editings and express your creative vision.

Billions of stars.
One Universe. Yours.


The finest observatory is the one that suits you.

Dreams are made under undying stars. Having your very own observatory is the means to create your own celestial realm. You can plunge deep into the heart of the Universe as you step out from that most authentic of space vessels - your home.


In your own image.

Create the product that suits you best by choosing from a wide range of options.

Hyperia is in your own image. Unique.


3 superb finishes.

Sidereal grey




Matt white

High-Performance Connections

Fast connections to achieve the sublime.

Hyperia is equipped with high-performance connections to provide optimal viewing comfort.

Choose between our wired or wireless connection systems to transfer your images seamlessly.


Integrated Gigabit Ethernet.
Optional wireless connectivity.

Remote control

Control Hyperia from your internet connection.

110/230 VAC power supply

Inverter optional.

Full customization.

We study your specifications and accompany you through each stage to bring your project to life.




Custom made


Sidereal grey


Matt white

Floor mounting

Solutions for all types of floors.

Protective cover

Complete your Hyperia's protection with a range of dedicated covers.

Treat yourself to the extraordinary.

The Hyperia experience offers you :

Follow-up of the manufacturing process.

A 2-year warranty (extension possible).

The optical control bulletin.

Exclusive advantages.

From 45,000$