Stargazing event Paris 2017

On the occasion of the Nuits des Étoiles (Stargazing Nights), Vaonis will be present from 28 to 30 July 2017 at the top of the Montparnasse tower (floor 59) as part of the stargazing evenings organized by the French Association of Astronomy (AFA). The opportunity, for those who could not attend the International Paris Air Show, to discover Stellina telescope for the first time.

Nuits des Étoiles… Their reputation is well established as this event is the most popular in the field of amateur astronomy in France. Three days dedicated to the observation of a beautiful starry sky everywhere in France and this, generally for free, making the event accessible to all.

Dates and activities

While most stargazing events cover only one or two nights, the visitors of Paris will be able to fully enjoy the three nights of observation, as is the case with the Nuits des Étoiles held at the top of the Montparnasse Tower in Paris. In addition to the many telescopes available and the presence of animators, the AFA astronomy society will organize a photographic exhibition, conferences and a workshop around the exploration of the digital sky on the 56th floor of the tower. Access to the activities is free once the entry fees for the tower have been paid.

The event will start at 8:00 pm every day, just before the sunset at 9:30 pm. The last entrance will be at 11:30 pm on Friday/Saturday and 11:00 pm on Sunday.

What to observe during the evenings and how?

Early in the evening, it may be possible to observe a lunar crescent shortly before sunset. Visitors will be able to enjoy the sunset accompanied by Jupiter. Saturn will appear soon after with the arrival of the first bright stars. The night will be well settled and it will be an opportunity to observe the Andromeda galaxy, the summer triangle or Albireo and the double star of the Swan. The evenings will end in beauty with the possibility of observing some shooting stars, especially Saturday where a shower of shooting stars is expected.

People are invited to enjo ystargazing using the different telescopes available on site. However, you can also enjoy the starry sky with the naked eye.

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