Vespera Bubble Level (spare part)


Replacement part. The Vespera bubble level comes in the original Vespera pack.

  • Removable spirit level, quick and easy to install thanks to its magnetic attachment.
  • Indispensable for setting up your station correctly before launching an observation.
  • Guarantees the horizontality of your instrument for quality observation.
  • Only suitable for the Vespera observation station.
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Replacement part. The Vespera bubble level comes in the original Vespera pack.

Leveling your observation station
A similar step in setting-up Stellina and Vespera with a classic telescope is that it is required that the tripod be set horizontally. It is done manually by adjusting the length of each leg and checking the spirit level so that the bubble is positioned precisely in the center of the black circle.

Look at the spirit level from above to be sure of the position of the bubble. If you look at it from a different angle, you may think it is well centered while it’s actually not (due to the parallax).
To avoid loss, always store your accessories for each end of use in their original box or in the compartments of the Vespera backpack.

More information
Read our blog article Stellina & Vespera Initialization: how it works? to learn more about our products or watch our Vespera tutorial video here.


Niveau à bulle Vespera

Vespera’s bubble level allows the telescope to be set horizontally. This adjustment is required for more efficiency in pointing and tracking.


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