Since March 2017, Vaonis has become an official member of Aerospace Valley and its consortium for the “Booster Nova“ program dedicated to the emergence of start-up business. The well-known competitive cluster is the world leader in civil aeronautical, the European leader in space and among the best concerning the on-board system.

Currently, the cluster regroups more than 1500 research institutes and industries such as CNES, Airbus, ENAC or Continental. It also counts almost 8500 researchers.

This membership is for Vaonis the opportunity to benefit of an additional backing and an important professional network. This is not the only network Vaonis has joined since its creation. The company is also a member of the Hardware Club international community, an exclusive club of high-technology start-ups entrepreneurs across the world.

About Aerospace Valley
Created in 2005, Aerospace Valley is the most significant innovation “pôle de compétitivité” in France in the fields of aeronautics, space and embedded systems, counting with over 840 members from both the industry and the academia. With offices in Toulouse (HQ) and Bordeaux, the innovation cluster covers the two geographically adjacent regions of South-Western France, Occitania and Nouvelle Aquitaine. With 124,000 industrial employees, Aerospace Valley represents around 1/3 of the French aerospace workforce. Similarly, 8,500 researchers and scientists are active within the Aerospace Valley territory, thus representing 45% of the French national R&D potential in the aerospace sector. As of June 2016, Aerospace Valley has obtained funding for 475 R&D projects representing an accumulated value of 1.2 billion Euro covering most scientific and technical fields related to the various sectors of aerospace. Within the framework of the general French “pôle de compétitivité” program, which aims to stimulate employment by fostering local and regional competencies in technical and economic areas, Aerospace Valley strives to create an ambitious 35-40,000 new jobs by the horizon year 2025.