Vespera 2 smart telescope

The cosmos in Ultra-HD: the most innovative smart telescope takes a quantum leap forward.

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Up to 24 megapixel images.

For live observation and astrophotography, with live mosaic capture.

and powerful.

Easy set-up. No skills required to get high-definition color images of the Universe.

lightweight, sturdy.

Designed to withstand the test of time and accompany you on all your exploration adventures.

Discover a new stargazing experience with the most innovative, most versatile and most user-friendly smart telescope.

Vespera II embodies the seamless fusion of a camera and a telescope, condensed in an all-in-one, user-friendly portable device, allowing anyone to connect with the stars.

With Vespera II, you can both conduct live observations and capture stunning photos of the Universe you'll be proud to share.

Explore the cosmos in full colors and crisp details. Spend more time enjoying the night sky, not struggling with complicated set-ups. Whether you start from zero or already are an experienced stargazer, embrace a new stellar adventure.

Get spectacular and unparalleled views of the cosmos.

Pioneering the future of smart telescopes, Vaonis has developed algorithms that harness every photon coming from the deep universe collected by our instruments. Paired with the latest generation sensors, premium optics, and combined with our exclusive live mosaic capture technology, Vespera II and Vespera Pro deliver images that are out of reach of any other smart telescope.

Vespera II at a glance.

Many stargazing experiences in a single device.

  • Admire the universe even from the city.

    Thanks to the magic of live image processing, Vespera II grants you access to the deep universe even within urban environments. With the optional CLS and dual-band filters, go even further, removing light pollution to reveal more details in nebulae.

  • Elevate your outdoor adventures.

    Compact and lightweight, Vespera II fits into a small backpack, always ready to accompany you. It's even suitable as a carry-on luggage for your vacation.

  • Share moments with friends and family.

    Connect up to 10 devices to Vespera II and host star parties with your friends, or enjoy exploration moments with your kids.

  • Keep on observing during daylight.

    With its optional solar filter, Vespera II opens the door to solar observations. Track the sunspot cycles or witness solar eclipses.

  • Take the leap into astrophotography.

    Vespera II saves the results of your observations as a RAW 16-bit image file, allowing you to edit them with your favorite astrophotography processing software and extract the quintessence from each captured image.


Live mosaic capture.

A game changer in astronomy imaging.
Exclusivily* available on Vaonis smart telescopes.

*patented technology

Expand your
field of view.

your framing.

image quality.

With automatic live panorama, you are no longer limited by the telescope physical field of view. You can capture a greater variety of celestial objects and explore new ways to compose your images.

The Andromeda Galaxy shot with live mosaic mode.

Field of view : approx. 3°, image resolution : 18 mp.

Experience a new way to explore the cosmos.

The Andromeda galaxy with a smart telescope that doesn't have Vaonis live panorama mode.

M31 observed with another smart telescope that don't have mosaic mode

The Andromeda galaxy with Vespera II and live panorama mode.

M31 observed with Vespera 2 and live panorama mode

Both images at same scale. No image post-processing involved.

Watch it in action.

Timelapse of a panorama capture of the Horsehead Nebula region.

The stars lie at your fingertips.
It's that easy.

Vespera II is a good start in the hobby. It gives you encouraging results from the start of your journey and guides you as you progress.



Just one touch-sensitive
button to wake Vespera II up.



Automatic initialization with your smartphone and our user-friendly app Singularity.



4300 objects to choose from & recommandations. Automatic pointing and tracking.

Automatic initialization

It takes only a matter of minutes for Vespera II to orient itself based on your location and automatically detect the configuration of the starry sky.

Automatic pointing and tracking

Just choose your target among thousands of objects in the Singularity app catalog or provide your custom coordinates, and Vespera II will instantly find and track it.

Live auto-focus

Get consistently sharp stars, even when temperature changes. Vaonis instruments are the only ones equipped with an engine ensuring automatic focus, even during observation.

Live image enhancement

Vespera automatically rejects bad images and applies a technique used by experienced astrophotographers, called stacking, to the good ones, in order to enhance the clarity of the images in real time.

Inside Vespera II

How does it work ?

With an 'old-fashioned' telescope, colors are imperceptible, and even the most beautiful nebulae appear as dull, blurry patches.
Everything takes a turn with Vespera.

The Orion Nebula
observed with a traditional telescope.

The Orion Nebula observed with Vespera 2
No post-processed image involved.

Orion nebula observed with Vespera 2

Technology at the forefront ...

Packed with cutting-edge technology, Vespera is the most innovative smart telescope you could ever find.

Vespera II combines premium quality optics with an ultra sensitive high-definition sensor and onboard computing technologies in an all-in-one, ready-to-operate device.


50mm - F/5 quadruplet apochromatic lens.

Vespera II optics feature extra-low dispersion lanthanum glass and a field corrector, ensuring the best image quality right to the edge of the field of view.


Sony IMX585
8.3Mp sensor.

This 3840 x 2160px ultra-sensitive sensor, boasting 2.9 µm pixels, in harmony with Vespera II's focal length, produces images with finer details (2,39 arc seconds).

... And the magic behind.

Vespera harnesses an image enhancement process called 'stacking,' which involves capturing multiple shots of the same object, selecting the best ones, and stacking them to reduce noise and increase contrast. Innovative algorithms, developed by Vaonis, then apply image processing to reveal the full range of colors and intricate details of nebulae and galaxies.

All of this happens automatically and in real-time. As you observe, the image quality gradually enhances.

Meticulously designed for superior quality, ruggedness and durability.

At Vaonis, we conceive our telescopes without compromising on quality, whether in the mechanical or optical components. Our dedication extends to creating products with captivating designs, ensuring an enhanced user experience. Enjoy the frequent use of our telescopes for extended periods and carry them effortlessly on your quest for the best skies.

Singularity by Vaonis: your guide to reach the stars.

Singularity is your control room, the place where you decide everything. Very intuitive and user-friendly, you can easily access any stellar object of our catalog.

You will get personalized recommendations on what to observe, according to your geolocation and the astronomical calendar, and notes about the secrets of the Cosmos.

Singularity guides you each step of the way on your journey to reach the stars.

Vespera II In-Depth.

50 mm
Focal length
250 mm
Focal ratio
lens design
Apochromatic quadruplet
with field corrector
lens features
Extra low dispersion
Lanthanum glass S-FPL52
Native field of view
2.5° x 1.4°
live mosaic
field of view
max. 4.3° x 2.4°
or 3.25° x 3.25°
Sensor type
Sony IMX 585 (color)
sensor definition
3840 x 2160
(8.3 mega pixels)
Image definition
with live mosaic mode
24 mega pixels
Sensor format
11.2 x 6.3 mm
Pixel size
2,9 µm
2.390 arc sec.
Limiting magnitude
Battery life
4hrs (built-in)
External battery connection
25 Go
Image format
Jpeg, FITS, TIFF ( 16 bits RAW image)
Expert mode
(capture calibration frames)
48 x 20 x 9 cm
5 kg
Operating temperature
0° to 40° C
Optionnal filters
Solar, CLS, dual band
Optional (see accessories)
Dew control
Optional (see accessories)
Vespera 2 smart telescope

Choose your Vespera II pack.

Starter Pack

Vespera II with tripod


Vespera II smart telescope
+ standard tripod

Includes the essentials.
Bubble level included.
USB wall charger and cable not included.

Adventure Pack


Vespera II smart telescope
+ standard tripod+ backpack

Your Portable Companion.
Bubble level included.
USB wall charger and cable not included.

Solo Pack

vespera II without tripod


Vespera II smart telescope
without tripod

Bring your own tripod (3/8" thread).
Bubble level not included.
USB wall charger and cable not included.

Add accessories.

  • Hygrometer Sensor

    Enable Vespera’s anti-fog system. It will activate when a certain temperature and humidity threshold is reached. Heat generated continuously around the lens will remove the fog, creating better viewing conditions and sharper pictures.

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  • Light pollution filter

    The light pollution filter or CLS (City Light Suppression) filter allows you to improve the quality of your photos when observing in the city or suburbs. It attenuates the effects of light pollution and thus increases the contrast between the celestial object and the background sky.

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  • Dual band filter

    By selecting the wavelengths of Hydrogen Alpha and Oxygen, primarily found in emission nebulae, it increases contrast between the celestial object and the sky background. Its use results in a higher-quality image. It can also acts as a super light pollution filter for these objects.

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Contact our customer service on
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WhatsApp +33 6 70 34 09 03 (WW)

Monday to Friday
9am-6pm CET