Certifications Tests CEM télescopeBuying a telescope is good thing, buying a telescope which is certified is better! In March, our poor Stellina has gone through several days of torture in order to guarantee you a good functioning and a total safety of use. We passed several required certifications for the European and American markets: electrostatic discharges and electro-magnetic waves have tried to knock down our dear telescope but Stellina stayed steady as a rock. The device held up to 16 000 volts without flinching when the standard only requires 4000… A great achievement that rewards three years of intense development.

Three years designing, prototyping and testing the 272 parts that compose Stellina. Each element, from the small screw to the lens, had specifications requiring the best quality and stability in order to create a telescope as design as powerful. After selecting each component, we assembled the pieces to verify that they all worked in harmony. This step took longer than expected but we are now at the end of the optimization step. The engineering team is gathering all its energy to build a Stellina that will keep its promises of being a telescope letting you observe the universe in all ease and simplicity.

After passing first the certifications for the European and American markets, we won’t change anything about Stellina anymore! The production is currently in progress to deliver you this telescope that you are all waiting for!

About CEM tests

CEM qualification requires particular attention for safe equipment or specific operating conditions. An electromagnetic environment is the component of natural sources (solar radiation, electrical charges in the atmosphere – storm…) and artificial sources like radiofrequency wave emitters or interfering phenomena related to any electrical equipment running.
In sectors where electromagnetic constraints may be important and/or where safe equipment is concerned, the requirements set by specifications are generally very important. After an electromagnetic qualification, it can be determined whether or not the equipment is compatible with its electromagnetic environment. We are talking about electromagnetic compatibility qualification tests.

Source: Emitech