The Gadgeteer, tech news and reviews website, featured an article about Stellina smart telescope on February 28, 2018:

The universe is at your fingertips with the smart, app-connected Stellina telescope

The Stellina doesn’t look like a typical telescope. Instead of a long tube, Stellina is a 19? x 15? x 4.7?, 15lb block that opens into an ED doublet refractor with an 80mm aperture, f/5 focal ratio, and 400mm focal length sitting atop an alt-azimuth mount. Its 6.4MP Sony CMOS image sensor has 3096 x 2080 pixels and a 1° x 0.7° field of view.

The integrated computer can automatically find your target of interest, and the Stellina uses the included derotator to automatically follow the target as the stars rotate for long-exposure astrophotography. It uses a micro-USB 5V 2A AC power supply or by an optional mobile power charger. You can expect up to 10 hours of use with a 20,000mAh external powerbank. An app on your smartphone or tablet controls the telescope. Vaonis says: “Stellina opens up new ways to collaborate with the scientific community through crowd-sourced science. Exoplanet transits, asteroid occultations, variable star or supernova monitoring: contribute to the research by sharing your data with research scientists. Be more than an observer, be an explorer!”

Because of the compact size and light weight, the Stellina and its included tripod are easily thrown in a backpack to take along on hikes and camping trips. Its IP53 water-resistance rating means you can safely transport and used it in less-than-ideal conditions.

Vaonis is taking pre-orders now at a $500 discount. Pre-order now for $2499, and you can expect delivery in the third quarter of 2018. Learn much more about the Vaonis Stellina telescope and place your pre-order at the Vaonis website.

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