Science Focus, the online website of BBC Focus magazine, edited its new Cool gadgets list for February 2018. Stellina telescope appears amongst a selection of 17 gagdets and sits next to the biggest tech brands. The readers can also find the Apple Homepod, Leica Q Snow camera, Sony Xperia Ear Duo or Honor View10 smartphone in the selection.

The cool gadgets list – February 2018

Whatever resolve you might have had through January has probably ebbed away by now. It means that now your will power has been thoroughly exhausted. Let us tempt you with some of the best gadgets and gizmos this month.

Stellina smart telescope

Telescopes tend to be big, bulky and for the most part, telescopy. (It’s something you learn sitting next to our friends at Sky at Night Magazine when it’s time for them to do telescope reviews). We’re pretty excited to see the Stellina smart telescope, which resembles something that landed from space more than something to look into it.

Rather than peer through a lens, Stellina uses a smartphone app to help you track and look at the stars. It is smart enough to tell you exactly what you are staring at. If that happens to be a hazy orange sky over the city, worry not, as it uses a special light pollution filter to cut through the atmosphere. Weighing a tidy 7kg, it’s portable enough to lug around you if you want to take it on a hike as well.

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