Vespera Charging Cable (spare part)


Replacement part. The Vespera charging cable comes in the original Vespera pack.

  • 1.5m (59 in) length magnetic USB-C > 4PIN cable.
  • Allows you to charge Vespera on a USB power adapter or a power bank.
  • Quick and convenient magnetic connector for the use of Vespera in low-light environments.
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Replacement part. The Vespera Charging Cable comes in the original Vespera pack.

Because every detail counts, the design of the charging cable has been thought to reflect that of Vespera: aesthetic, sleek, thin.

Convenient and fast use
The user experience has also been thought through. Vespera’s magnetic tip makes connecting to the power source (AC adapter or power bank) easier, especially in low-light environments.
The female connector is also used to accommodate the bubble level to put the station horizontally.

The magnetic cable does not transfer your photos to your computer or phone. It is used only for charging.
The cable is not compatible with the Stellina observation station.

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