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Clients reviews Archive - Vaonis
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Martin, Germany

I must say that Stellina works so very great – it is outrageous, fantastic and far beyond my expectations. Everything is perfect, from design over the app/ software, which is very easy to use, to hardware and it´s function.

Jimmy, USA

As a long time amateur astronomer and astro-photographer, I actually feel guilty using Stellina. It is so easy to use, set up, and start taking pictures.

James, USA

Yes, the Stellina is expensive but in my mind worth every penny. In short, for ease, simplicity of use and great images, it can’t be beat. And on a personal note, I can’t tell you how many of my neighbors have been dazzled with the beauties of the night sky taken from my driveway. Highly recommended.

Andrew, USA

The telescope is simple, there’s no other way to describe it… A push of a button and it’s ready to go. I told it to go to the Orion Nebula, it went straight there and started taking images of it. The first few exposures were great, and after 25 minutes, even the imagers were impressed.

Serge, France

Maintenant les splendeurs du cosmos sont au bout des yeux pour un rapport qualité/prix excellent. Je suis scotché par l’acuité visuelle de STELLINA et les captures d’images de toute beauté que je réalise me font méditer sur l’immensité de l’univers, de ses dimensions, et de son contenu.
Merci VAONIS, vous avez relancé ma passion pour l’astronomie.

Village du Ciel, France

Si vous voulez découvrir le ciel facilement, voir des objets du ciel autrement que du « gris fade » et garder un souvenir de vos observations, alors oui, le Stellina vous satisfera. Sa simplicité de mise en œuvre est un véritable atout. Pour un total néophyte qui n’a pas envie de passer des heures à choisir ses oculaires ou régler son instrument ou traiter ses images, c’est une véritable alternative.

Alan, USA

I’m very impressed by it, in fact I’m ecstatic about it.
I’m really finding renew joy in the hobby after leaving it for the last 7 years. I don’t remember the last time that I’ve gone out 3 nights to observe in a week. The ease of use and portability makes the experience more relaxing and enjoyable. This approach will bring in a whole new group of people into the hobby.

Roger, England

As a new owner of a Stellina telescope, I am impressed with the technology at my disposal, but still have much to learn. Despite living on the edge of a light polluted city, I have been rewarded with amazing images of deep sky objects. Thank you Vaonis.

Masaki, Japan

As my kids can handle it easily, we can enjoy seeing stars together!
Even in the severely disturbance from the city lights, I am astonished to see such wonderful pictures to be taken. We are really enjoyed to see the sky in each clear night. One thing to annoying us is to reduce the time to sleep!

Pieter, Belgium

I have had my Stellina since a couple of weeks. I have to say I am impressed! It was delivered properly in a safe box that can be re-used. The Stellina is a well built device. It has a very high standard. You can’t default it. Also the tripod is very sturdy and stable. It’s a great combination to work with.

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