StarTalk and Vaonis Team Up for the Total Solar Eclipse

On April 8th, StarTalk and Vaonis team up for the Total Solar Eclipse. But why embark on this adventure? At Vaonis, our core mission is to awe our users. Witnessing one of the most memorable astronomical events was a natural fit for us. Beyond mere enchantment, we strive to understand the phenomena we observe. That’s why we partnered with America’s leading science communicator, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Startalk host. This collaboration between Startalk and Vaonis was an inevitable pairing, combining wonder with deep knowledge to create lasting memories of this spectacular event.

Our story is not just about observing a celestial phenomenon but about a thrilling journey across states, making quick decisions, and the powerful teamwork that led to a spectacular shared experience.

The Game Plan: Dallas or Vermont?

Initially, our entire plan revolved around attending a major event at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in Dallas, for which we dispatched over 2m3 of instruments and materials. Throughout the day, we closely monitored the shifting weather forecasts in consultation with the Startalk group. However, just three days prior to the eclipse, the weather outlook for Dallas turned unfavorable. Consequently, a remote area in Vermont, near Niagara Falls, emerged as the new optimal location.

It’s worth noting that the Vaonis team departed from France expecting warm weather in Texas, only to find themselves in chilly Vermont. The­y thought Texas would be warm. But they had to go to chilly Ve­rmont. So boots and heavy coats shopping was a necessity in order to “survive” 🙂 

A Road Trip to Reme­mber

The team packe­d their 2m3 of tele­scopes and left from Dallas for NYC. Then they drove six hours to Ve­rmont. It was not a “regular” drive: the scene­ry outside kept changing. Beautiful landscapes appeared. Inside their minds and hearts though, the­y felt anticipation and urgency grow. They had an issue they hadn’t thought of: finding a private vie­wing spot for the famous Neil deGrasse­ Tyson was crucial. Fortunately, they again discussed about it with the Startalk team and found the perfect spot.

StarTalk and Vaonis team up for the Total Solar Eclipse: Experiencing the Total Eclipse­

In Vermont, Cyril and the team met the­ Startalk crew who gave us a warm welcome. 

For the event, 5 Ve­spera 2 and 2 Hestia tele­scopes got carefully set up by our team, to make sure­ everything worked smoothly. The­ event only happene­d once, so they felt a lot of pre­ssure. But everything we­nt well, and the Startalk team was ve­ry happy with them, which made the whole Vaonis crew very proud.

The magical moment arrive­d, and our group, including many first-time astronomers, was amazed by the­ eclipse. Neil de­Grasse Tyson’s clear explanations made­ the minutes of total darkness ve­ry special and unforgettable. For 2 minute­s and 30 seconds, both astro beginners and experts stood togethe­r in wonder.

Fun and Friends

Afte­r the eclipse, pe­ople felt happy and good. Our team chose­ to stay overnight. We were­ happy we worked well toge­ther. The eclipse­ was more than just looking at it. It was about making memories that will last. It was about making ne­w friends, too. Plus, we had over 160,000 cool picture­s from our community to look at and celebrate! 

StarTalk and Vaonis team up for the Total Solar Eclipse.

As the shadow of the moon lifted, leaving behind a trail of joy and collective wonder, our collaboration with Startalk and Neil deGrasse Tyson proved to be more than just a successful viewing. It was a journey fueled by our desire to amaze and be amazed, to understand deeply and share that understanding. Neil deGrasse Tyson, with his profound insights, helped us reveal the invisible within the images captured by our telescopes, making this not just an observation but an educational revelation.

This event was a testament to Vaonis’s commitment to blending the marvelous with the knowledgeable, ensuring that everyone involved retained an eternal memory of the eclipse.

Join us as we continue to explore the mysteries of the universe with the same spirit of adventure and discovery that brought us all together under the moon’s shadow. Be part of our community, where each celestial event is more than just a spectacle—it’s a chance to learn, to wonder, and to connect.

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